The degree programme trains you to become an expert in fields ranging from e.g. mould/product design, material selection and machine operation to testing and analysis.

The professional competences include:

Mould/Product/Part Design

As a student you gain knowledge of the moulds used to manufacture components by injection moulding. You can design products using modern softwares and are familiar with modern methods of additive manufacturing (such as 3 D printing). After examination you have expertise to participate in an engineering team for the production of designs, prototypes, moulds and products.

Material Selection

You gain advanced knowledge on polymers. You can relate the chemical structure and properties of polymers to its performance as a processing material or final product. You also have the capacity to be responsible for the material selection in design projects and for other engineering applications.

Material Processing

As a student at the programme you have gain knowledge on methods, tools and machinery used in materials processing. You can operate an extruder, use injection moulding machine and prepare composite laminates. You also have gained expertise to work as an operator or supervisor in manufacturing.

Material and Product Development

You acquire knowledge on standard testing and analysis procedures for polymer based materials. You can test the properties of materials such as strength and viscosity. Upon graduation you have the abilities to participate in material research and development projects.

In addition the student will:

  • Be able to obtain, understand and evaluate complex technical information
  • Be able to foresee changes and to be able to adjust to new situations and to benefit from new possibilities
  • Be able to develop and create solutions to problems
  • Know and accept different cultures and to be able to work with people from different background