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  • 3 (2020-01-01 till 2020-03-22)
  • 4 (2020-03-23 till 2020-07-31)


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The student is able to work proactively and inter-professionally in health care setting that aims to plan the patient/client care utilizing digital solutions. (readiness and ability) The student has competence and the he/she understands the principals of a customer oriented service design and is ready to lead the team work. (competence and understanding) The student is able to work for open, well-being and ethically sustainable health care settings. (evaluation ability and attitudes)


At the end of the course the student is expected to: Identify, explain and act for further trends and their effects on working life in health care setting using digital solutions. (e-health) Present various theories related to change in working life and identify his/her own possibilities to impact on well-being at working life in health care setting. Plan and implement service design in which client's participation is made possible and respected constantly. Work multi-professionally and being aware of the development possibilities in service design that are ethically sustainable. Plan and evaluate a smaller project in which the team work is at central.


Service design E-health Teamwork and collaboration Management of change Ethics at workinglife Multi-professional work


A student have to have studied at least 40 ECTS in order to enroll to this course.

Mer information

Please notice that this course is based on flipped class-room philosophy which means that the learning is student oriented and flexible. Group working is essential and regular presence at lectures is requested in order to pass the course. Notice also that this course is recommended for 3rd year students. This course requires also much group working.


Stickdorn, M (2011) This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases. O'Riordan, A. & Elton, J. (2016) Healthcare Disrupted - Next Generation Business Models and Strategies. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated More literature will be found on ItsLearning


  • Föreläsningar - 20 timmar
  • Individuell handledning och grupphandledning - 5 timmar
  • Praktiska övningar - 15 timmar
  • Projekt- och produktionsarbete/konstnärlig verksamhet - 30 timmar
  • Självstudier - 40 timmar
  • Nätbaserade - 20 timmar
  • Seminarier - 5 timmar


  • Kursens totala antal arbetstimmar: 135 timmar
  • Varav självstyrda studieformer: 135 timmar
  • Varav schemalagda studier: 0 timmar


Flerformsundervisning (delvis nätundervisning handledd eller självstudier)


  • Demonstrationer och färdighetsprov
  • Essä, rapporter, produktioner och portfolio


For a passed presentation a student participate to following tasks: 1) 3 various quizzes answered individually which are based on lectures and literature. Each max 10 points. (max 30 points). Notice that quizzes have deadlines and they cannot be opened after the deadline. 2) Written assignment about leadership (max 30 points) 3) A group presents their digital service design and writes a report. (max 25 points) 4) Final assignment (max 15 points) All groups should also participate to an obligatory group coaching session during the course. Groups can book the session via ItsLearning. Points and grade: 91-100: 5 81-90: 4 71-80: 3 61-70: 2 51-60: 1 0-50: failed


  • Forss Mia
  • Kielo Emilia


Kielo Emilia

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12 månader efter kursens slutdatum


2019-12-24 till 2020-01-20


  • Datum meddelas senare - Demonstrationer och presentationer
  • Datum meddelas senare - Rapporter och produktioner
Datum Tid Rum Titel Beskrivning Organisatör
2020-01-22 12:30 - 15:00 B328 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Course info and lecture (service design) Mandatory! Kielo Emilia
2020-01-29 12:30 - 14:30 B320 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Lecture Kielo Emilia
2020-01-30 08:00 - 16:00 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Group working (self-studying) Kielo Emilia
2020-02-04 12:30 - 14:30 B320 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Lecture (e-health) by Mia Forss Forss Mia
2020-02-05 08:00 - 16:00 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Group working (self-studying) Kielo Emilia
2020-02-06 10:00 - 11:45 B522 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Lecture (Multi-professional work and change management) Mia Forss Forss Mia
2020-02-06 12:00 - 14:00 B328 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Group coachings (manadory: each gruop book their own slot on itslearning) Kielo Emilia
2020-02-11 08:00 - 16:00 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Group-working (self-studying) Kielo Emilia
2020-03-02 10:00 - 12:00 B328 Ledarskap och tjänstedesign Seminars (Mandatory!) Kielo Emilia

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