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The aim of the course is to increase the
understanding for community care, out patients
care,the individual, the meaning of
the home and the relatives for the
patient. The student learns to respect the
patient in her home. The student sees the
collaboration between hospital- and out patients
care and learns to see the care from many points
of view and the continuity. The course gives
knowledge of
the rehabilitation system and gives abilities to
implement them in practice. The student gets
knowledge about the social benefits, working
methods and organisation and social services
system in Finland, social service and social aid


At the end of the course the student is expected
to be able to plan, carry out and evaluate the
homecall independently and make a care plan for
the client. The student can see the clients´
health resources and is able to develop his/her
health prevention and promotion thinking. The
student is familiar with care assessment over the
phone and knows the meaning and purpose with
phone counseling. The student can consider the
special matters concerning clients from different
cultures. The student knows and considers the
elderly clients´ particular care within homecare
including medication administration
and nutrition. The student is familiar with the
normal agening process and can identify
from the normal aging. The student can document
observations and care activities in the home
setting. The student is familiar with different
eHealth solutions in the out patient care. The
student is able to consider the social benefits
and rehabilitation as a part of the
well-being for the patient in her home and out of


Community health care
The care of elderly
Out patient care
Social benefits
Blood-drawing skills


Clinical care 1 and 2 passed
Medication calculation and patient safety
Anatomy and physiology
Medicine 1

Kursen ersätter följande kurser

Homecare, elderly care and open care (2013)

Mer information

Participation in seminars and simulations and
blood-drawing is mandatory!


  • Föreläsningar - 21 timmar
  • Praktiska övningar - 10 timmar
  • Projekt- och produktionsarbete/konstnärlig verksamhet - 24 timmar
  • Självstudier - 57 timmar
  • Nätbaserade - 15 timmar
  • Seminarier - 8 timmar


  • Kursens totala antal arbetstimmar: 135 timmar
  • Varav självstyrda studieformer: 135 timmar
  • Varav schemalagda studier: 0 timmar




  • Tentamina (skriftliga-, muntliga-, hem-)
  • Demonstrationer och färdighetsprov
  • Essä, rapporter, produktioner och portfolio
  • Blood-drawing skills


To pass the course the student should pass the
following examinations:

Group assignment
Home exam
Participation in simulations, mandatory seminars
and blood-drawing practice.
Active participation during the course can raise
the grade for the course


  • Ekman Petra
  • Gray Pamela
  • Grönlund Anu
  • Tillman Ilse
  • von Hedenberg-Löfman Linnéa


Ekman Petra

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2019-08-12 till 2019-09-08


  • 2018-12-08 - Tentamina
  • 2018-11-05 - Demonstrationer och presentationer
  • 2018-11-25 - Rapporter och produktioner
  • 2018-10-18 - Övriga uppgifter
Datum Tid Rum Titel Beskrivning Organisatör
2019-10-03 09:00 - 11:30 F367 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Introducion Ekman Petra
2019-10-07 09:00 - 11:30 D4106 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Rehabilitation von Hedenberg-Löfman Linnéa
2019-10-08 12:45 - 15:30 D4110 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Agening Ekman Petra
Okänd lärare
2019-10-24 09:00 - 12:00 B518 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Social benefits and teamwork Ekman Petra
2019-10-24 12:45 - 15:45 D173 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Nursing geriatric diseases Ekman Petra
Okänd lärare
2019-11-04 08:00 - 15:30 E490 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Blood-drawing skills. Enroll on itslearning. Use the rest of the day to e.g finish up your group-assignment. Ekman Petra
Nyberg Anu
2019-11-11 12:30 - 15:30 F367 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Outpatients care Ekman Petra
2019-11-25 09:00 - 16:00 B518 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Seminars on your group-work cases.Mandatory presence for the whole day. If you can´t make it due to the bus-strike, participate online via the link below. ________________________________________________________________________________ Join Microsoft Teams Meeting +358 9 85626394   Finland, Helsinki (Toll) Conference ID: 492 044 546# Local numbers | Reset PIN | Learn more about Teams | Meeting options ________________________________________________________________________________ Ekman Petra
2019-11-28 08:30 - 16:00 E494 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Home care simulations Ekman Petra
Nyberg Anu
2019-11-28 09:00 - 16:00 E493 Clinical Care IV: Home Care and Out Patient Care Home care simulations. Ekman Petra
Nyberg Anu

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