Svenska Studiefonden stöder utbytesstudier och utlandspraktik

Ansökningstid 1-29.2.2016Svenska studiefonden beviljar stipendier åt heltidsstuderande (med svenska som modersmål eller studiespråk) vid högskolor och universitet i Finland.Stipendier beviljas främst för:• Utbytesstudier och utlandspraktik som tillgodoräknas i slutexamen. Utlandsvistelsen ska vara minst 2 månader lång.

Stipendier kan också beviljas för:• Heltidsstudier vid högskola eller universitet utomlands i ett ämne i vilket examen inte kan avläggas på svenska i Finland.• Studierelaterade kostnader för heltidsstudier i Finland.


FINNTEGRATED: Working life i Finland – Seminar for international degree students and alumni  

Get Finntegrated! Join the Finntegrated - event on 4th March, 2016  from 8.30 to 16.00,  and get more latest information on job seeking and learn about the working life in Finland.The program, morning coffee and lunch are free of charge for participants, sponsored by the organizing trade unions.

Multicultural breakfast

Students and staff from both Arcada and Diak are welcome to have breakfast together and to get acquainted with each other once a month starting from 18th of February 8 - 9 am at Arcada. Breakfast is at your own expense, but you have the possibility to get new friends and share interesting ideas!

Multicultural breakfast continues:March 17th 8 - 9 am at DiakApril 14th 8 - 9 am at ArcadaMay 19th 8 - 9 am at Diak."You are most welcome to join us! Denice Haldin & Mia Ekströmi samarbete med "Ohjaus- ja hyvinvointihanke

Power outage in the Arcada building 3.2.2016

During Wednesday the Arcada building suffered a three hour long power outage. The cause was identified in time and there was never any risk for more severe damages.

The problem has been resolved and the electric equipment at Arcada now functions properly again. The cause for the power outage was a loose connection in one of the buildings power distribution boards, and without the correct actions it could have caused material damages.