Possible changes in Friday's schedule due to disruptions in transportation services

Disruptions in transportation services in the Helsinki region may cause problems in accessing Arcadas campus by bus, train or tram on Friday 18.9. At Arcada we strive to proceed with the lectures as planned, but rescheduled lectures and student tasks that can be carried out from home may occour. Please remember to check your schedule for Friday extra carefully if changes are made.

Nyyti rf -survey for new students

Nyyti rf supports students mental health and wellbeing. The association now conducts a survey among new students beginning their academic careers. Through this survey Nyyti rf want to hear how you are finding your place in student life. You can answer to the survey anonymous, in English, Finnish or Swedish. The survey is open until 2nd Octoder. The participants of this survey and those who have left their contact information, have a chance to win one of two 50€ gift cards to S Group stores. In addition, you have a chance to win Nyyti products.

Booking of student lockers and weekend permit

Booking of student lockers As of August 2015, the system for booking student lockers (found on the first floor near the main entrance) has been renewed. Hereafter the booking is made electronically for one academic year at a time and the lockers are emptied before summer. The student lockers have been refitted with a new system for locking them, which means that you now can lock them with your own padlock. How do I book a locker?To book a locker, click here.