Green Office: Food Waste Week 7-13.9.2020

We are reminding you about the huge amount of food beeing thrown away.

Also Compass Group (Restaurant Arcada) participate in the Food Waste Week by measuring food wasted. They also sell food waste from today’s lunch if available (take away), weekdays at 12.45-13.00. A 750g box costs 3€-3.20€, with your own box the cheaper price.

At the new coffee line you also have ready take away portions, 2.60€ for students and 5.60€ for our staff. Weekdays at 13.00-15.00.

Please read more here about the Food Waste Week (only in Finnish).

Arcada launches new strategy

Arcada’s strategy aiming at 2030 has now been launched. The strategy, called Arcada at the forefront – We put education and culture to work for a rewarding and sustainable life, will be fully implemented from 2021. 

Arcadas vision in the new strategy is to be an active Swedish-language educational institution in a multicultural society. The environment of the UAS must be based on equality, openness and reliable quality. 

These are some of Arcada's goals aiming at 2030: