Talent Boost Virtual Networking & Matchmaking Event 10.12.2020

The event offers a visibility platform for talents and employers alike to connect and network. Information about the abundant support available for reaching potential employers and proceeding to job landing is made available for talents. Examples of concrete benefits:

Library December info (edit: information on reserved books)

The Arcada library is open only for students and staff from Nov. 30-Dec. 18. Customer service is available in the library Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, self service hours from 7am-9pm, as usual. We are happy to answer your questions also through e-mail, library@arcada.fi, or call us on 0294 282 690.

All books borrowed or renewed by Nov. 30 will be due the earliest on Jan. 11 2021. Renew your loans online through Arcada Finna https://arcada.finna.fi or through the Tuudo app.

Arcada tightens its instructions 30.11-15.12 to prevent the spread of infection 

Due to the accelerating spread of infection in the capital region, which means that Helsinki is now in the spreading phase, the government has on 26 November published new regulations and guidelines. In line with the new instructions, Arcada is now also updating its instructions for the coming weeks, 30.11—15.12. 

We tighten the regulations in the hope of being able to maintain the most necessary activities on campus. Only by now really focusing on the most crucial things can we hopefully avoid a widespread infections in society and total closure of the campus. 

Arcada’s Instructions Regarding the Pandemic Will be Updated on Friday

The capital region's corona coordination group will meet on Thursday due to the increasing spread of infection in the area to decide on new restrictions and instructions. Arcada is actively following the situation and will publish more information for students here at Start on Friday. The new instructions will also ensure that all students have the opportunity to complete their studies.