Lisa Enckell new student priest

Lisa Enckell is the student priest in Helsinki 2021. 

"I'm looking forward to meeting you! Get in touch!: +358 50 3800662; IG: @studentprasten; e-mail:

I'm available for students and staff and respect everyone's own religious beliefs. We can arrange a video call meeting, or I can call you over the phone.

When the pandemic situation allows it I will be at Arcada every Thursday."


Arcada's restrictions remain in force throughout period 3

The government's restrictions presented 26.1 continue as before. Therefore, Arcada's instructions for preventing spread of infection continue to apply throughout period 3, ie until 21.3. 

During the period, our campus continues to be closed to external guests and visitors, and all teaching takes place remotely with a few exceptions. Read Arcada's instructions for preventing spread of infection here. 

Beware of email scams

In the last few days many have received a scam email in which the sender claims to have broken into your computer. In these blackmail attempts, the sender claims to have filmed you with malicious software installed on your computer and is trying to make you pay them money. These emails are scams - so do not believe the fraudsters' claims. You should never pay a ransom and do not have to do anything other than delete the email.