Beware of email scams

In the last few days many have received a scam email in which the sender claims to have broken into your computer. In these blackmail attempts, the sender claims to have filmed you with malicious software installed on your computer and is trying to make you pay them money. These emails are scams - so do not believe the fraudsters' claims. You should never pay a ransom and do not have to do anything other than delete the email.

Meet & Greet for students within energy and materials technology

On Thuesday 26 January 2021 at 1 p.m., we will arrange a meet and greet session for students within energy and materials technology. The session is held in Swedish together with Granlund. The meet and greet sessions are part of My Future Work 2021. My Future Work is Arcada's annual recruiting event where students get to network and meet employers – this year via Zoom. This is an opportunity for you to meet up with a possible future employer and get a summer job or work practice.

Perlego webinar for students at the department of Business Management and Analytics

Dear students at the degree programmes in Företagsekonomi, Informationsteknik and International Business, 

I'm Alberta, Perlego's Account Manager for Arcada. We are excited about our partnership and want to make sure it's a success.

We offer three sessions. Choose the session that suits you best and join us! 


- Quick introduction

- Demo of the platform

- Q&A"