Dynamic Health - active trial until 31.12.2018

Arcada library has an active test trial on Dynamic Health, an EBSCO resource for nurses and allied health professionals.

Dynamic Health is an innovative evidence-based resource that helps nurses and allied health professionals master critical skills.  Users can find current, actionable information about core nursing competencies, transcultural care, patient training, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and dietetics, social work and so much more.  


Quiet room in D4112

Did you know that Arcada has a quiet room in the D4-block? The room (D4112) is designed for you who wish to take a break during the day to collect your thoughts or pray. The door is not locked and you are welcome to use the room when it is empty. Wednesdays between 13 and 14 Arcada student priest Jessica Högnabba is available in the room, but all students of Arcada are welcome to use the room.