Writing Workshop in English

Writing workshops and language support in English are by appointment; contact Nigel Kimberley (nigel.kimberley@arcada.fi) and Jan Ray (jan.ray@arcada.fi) to agree on a meeting time.

Writing Abstracts in English
11 March 14.15 - 16.00

Zoom link https://arcada.zoom.us/j/67783412106

Nigel Kimberley

Giving Presentations in English

These special sessions provide you with the means to gain confidence when speaking in public, to effectively structure and deliver an oral presentation, to engage your audience and get you points across.
25 March 14.15-16.00

Zoom link https://arcada.zoom.us/j/63812327359
Nigel Kimberley

Writing Workshop in Swedish - Skrivverkstad på svenska

Are you writing your Thesis or an essay in Swedish? You are welcome to our weekly Writing Workshop for support. The writing workshops this autumn are held on Tuesdays 15.00-17.00. Teachers are Kaj Eklund, Barbara Huldén and Magdalena Sandell. Welcome!

Tuesdays 12.1-11.5.2021 at 15-17 in Zoom.


Meeting ID: 682 0538 5660

Writing Workshop in Finnish - Suomen kirjoituspaja

The writing workshops in Finnish are held on Thursdays 15-17 in Zoom: https://arcada.zoom.us/j/399813673