Possibility for remote counseling during the pandemic! Please schedule an appointment by e-mail mia.ekstrom@arcada.fi

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or phone and if the curtain is open you might as well just knock on the door at C342 to arrange an appointment!

The study counsellor and special education teacher provides individual counselling and guidance, for all students at Arcada, on issues related to e.g. :

  • Learning skills; planning, motivation, time management, coping with stress
  • Career management; uncertainty about your choice of current studies, on your future or life situation
  • Special pedagogical support; access to support and counselling in how to study with dyslexia, adhd/add, mental issues, impairment in hearing, vision or mobility, injury or illness

Our discussions are confidential and I always ask for your permission in case it would help your studies to involve someone else. The service is free of charge and it isn´t limited to a certain amount of sessions.