Arcada provides students and staff mainly two ways of saving their works.

1. Microsoft's OneDrive

2. Homedrive (H-drive in Windows)

OneDrive is a cloud service that is maintained by Microsoft and your files are stored on their servers somewhere in the world. The homedrive is maintained by Arcada and is located in our server room.

The files on OneDrive are accessible through your web browser, i.e. easily from anywhere. You can also access the files directly from the Office-programs if you are logged in with your account.

The homedrive is 12GB big and you can access it easily on Arcada. From home you can access it with a program such as WinSCP.

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As a member of the staff, you have also access to a few other file servers such as the I-drive ("the intra").

Staff member are also recommended to create Teamsites on OneDrive (Sharelink -> Create site) for files that are shared among staff. Thus Teamsites are like cloud versions of the I-drive.