ProQuest RefWorks is a service available on-line for all Arcada users.  The service will help you to build up and manage your collection of references. When writing a document, you will use ProQuest RefWorks to insert citations and doing so, it will automatically format the citations correctly and generate the corresponding reference list.  

As of August 2017 we only support the new ProQuest RefWorks (hereafter simply RefWorks). 

 RefWorks has two separate interfaces: 

  • A web interface at External link to manage your account, your references, folders, styles etc. 
  • To insert citations in a document, you will use the RefWorks Citation Manager (below). 

Creating a RefWorks account 

In order to create a RefWorks account you need to be inside Arcada’s network. Afterwards, Refworks is of course accessible from anywhere. 

Even if you have an old RefWorks account, you will still need to create a new account for the new ProQuest RefWorks. It is possible to export your references from the old RefWorks to ProQuest RefWorks. 

Start with going to the RefWorks Login page External link  

  • Click Create Account 
  • Enter your Arcada email and click Check 
  • You will get a message informing you that Refworks is available at Arcada 
  • Enter a password (not the Arcada password!)
  • You will get an activation email "To confirm your RefWorks account, click this link" 
  • After clicking the link, you will be directed back to RefWorks, where you should complete your user information. 

Installing the RefWorks Citation Manager 

The RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is a plugin for MS Word (requires Word 2016 and later). 

When following the video, please ignore all instructions regarding Write-N-Cite. Also ignore the information between minutes 1:43 - 2:00, since that information does not apply at Arcada. 

Installing RCM on your home computer (video at 0:42) should not be a problem since you probably have administrator privileges. As an Arcada-user, you are also eligible to install the newest MS Office package for free, see Office 365 for more information. Since RCM is a plugin, you are allowed to install it into your word profile also on Arcada computers. 

Should you run into problems with the Microsoft Store when adding the RCM plugin into Word, the solution may be to 

  • close Word
  • open the directory C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\ (replace xxxx with your username), 
  • allow the File Explorer to display also hidden files (View -> Hidden items)
  • remove all files named pq-something

The new RCM and the old Write-N-Cite 

Support for the old RefWorks Write-N-Cite will end sometimes in 2018, but you can still use it until that. You may have RCM and Write-N-Cite installed on the same Word installation but please note, that you cannot use RCM and Write-N-Cite to manage references in the same document! Therefore, we suggest: 

  • When you start a new document, use RCM 
  • If you have used Write-N-Cite to manage references in a document, you can 
    • continue using Write-N-Cite in that document OR 
    • remove field codes, save it as a new document and then re-insert the citations using RCM. If the document is only half-way, it might be worth the effort. 

RCM and Write-N-Cite parallel installations 

On Arcada computers Write-N-Cite will be accessible until late 2018. If you have used RCM to manage citations in a document, and then open that document at a computer where Write-N-Cite is installed, you may get an error message informing you that the document contains citations created with another version. In that case, just click Review only, and you can continue working on the document using RCM. 


Regarding technical issues, pleas follow the instructions above. Should you still run into problems, please contact E-mail: