Instructions for connecting a Mac to a network drive. Use it to connect to e.g. \\atrium\intra

  1. At the top of the desktop window, from the Finder, select Go > Connect to Server. The Connect to Server dialog box will open.
  2. Type in address: smb://atrium/intra (or some other path)
  3. When you’ve finished entering the path, click the Plus button. This will add the server address to your list of favorites, which will save you the time and effort of typing it each time you need to connect.
  4. Click Connect. The Authentication window will open.
  5. In the Authentication window, enter the following information and click OK.

Workgroup or Domain: ARCADAName: Password:

If this is your own computer (laptop), click "remember the password". Do not click remember the password if this is a public computer.

The network drive should now open, and you should also see an icon on the desktop.

Home-drive on Domus

Every user in Arcada has a home-drive of which IT-services take regular backups. Please use this drive for any material that You don't want to lose when your hard-drive breaks (your hard-drive will break, we just don't know if it does this tomorrow or after a few years).

Use this path to connect to your Home-drive


Where you substitute "username" with your Arcada-username.


If you want to connect to Estor's Media, use this path: