How do I change language in o365?

Unfortunately Office365 default language is Finnish. For changing it:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click Settings to open the Settings pane.
  2. Then click Sivuston asetukset -> Kieliasetukset.
  3. Choose language.
  4. At the end of the page choose Korvaa käännökset: Kyllä and click Ok.

Suddenly Office365 ProPlus on my computer asks me for a license number, why is that?

At the log in, use your short email address as login name (E-mail: As password use your Arcada password.

If it does not work, choose another Office program (Excel etc.) and try do the same thing there. If the login works on one program, all programs will be logged in.

Why can I not login to Office365 even though my password is correct?

Never try to login with E-mail: on Office365. Instead use your short arcada email address (E-mail: and in the ADFS dialog use only your 8 letter username to login.

I graduated and now cannot access my files, what do I do?

When you graduate, your IT-account and your email address and files will all be deleted. If you were not prepared for this, please email E-mail: