Why can I login everywhere else but itslearning?

Try going to start.arcada.fi External link -> itslearning, then you should have no problems...

  • I.e. it is likely that you went directly to arcada.itslearning.com and tried logging in with the wrong button. If you go directly to arcada.itslearning.com, you need to choose Log in with Arcada IdP

Why does the itslearning "email" not work?

itslearning has an "inbox", but it is not the same as your Arcada email.

itslearning contains an internal messaging platform where users can message each other. Some teachers use it, some don't. As a student you need to keep up with your Arcada email and itslearning messages.

If you download the application, it is much easier to keep everything in check.

http://www.itslearning.net/itslearning-app External link

Why can I not find the course material on itslearning?

If the teacher has publicized the material, you are looking at the wrong course with 99,9% probability.

Triple-check that you are enrolled to the right course on ASTA. Then triple-check that you are looking at the right course on itslearning.

(If the course is "archived" on itslearning, you are probably looking at the wrong course.)

Why can I not find the course on itslearning?

You have probably enrolled the wrong course on ASTA.

Check ASTA.