Save files on Office365/OneDrive:

  • You want to have access to and edit your files from anywhere, even when you do not have your computer with you.
  • Document files like Word, Excel, Powerpoint can be edited straight from the browser.
  • You can access and edit your files even from your mobile devices like a phone or tablet. The edits are updates automatically.
  • You can share with others and co-edit as well as view detailed edit history.
  • 1 TB of storage. That's a lot of storage.
  • Make sure the files are GDPR sensitive.


  • Avoid large files
  • But you can link to files on OneDrive

Homedrive (H:):

  • Files containing any kind of sensitive information should go here.
  • Files that you want to make sure are not spread without your consent.

Avoid USB-sticks and local drives:

We do not recommend saving locally on the computer or on the desktop. It is very unadvisable to save important files on USB-sticks.

Tens of students each year lose their USB-sticks, usually, the student has forgotten the memory stick in the computer and somebody has stolen it before the students return.


Arcada takes backups of the most important file server in-house. If you mistakenly erase a file in your homedrive for example, it is very likely that the IT-unit can restore it. (The trashcan functionality is not used in our Windows installations.)