For teachers who have problems with spam in their Outlook

Identifying spam

  • Don't trust the sender name, check if you recognize the sender's address
  • The message contains special characters to mislead the spam filters. ”Sensattional revolution in meedicine! Clisk h`ere”
  • The subject starts with RE as if it's a reply to a previous message
  • The message contains attachments, e.g. .html or.js
  • The message starts with the phrase ”This is not spam”

Tips for managing spam

  • Do not reply to the sender, that will only verify that your email address is actually being read by someone. You will likely get more spam if you reply.
  • Spam messages often will let you opt out from the mailinglist, this function often just verifies that your email address is legit.
  • Look but don't click: Do not open links, pictures or attachments from the email.
  • Be vary about all kinds of offers. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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