What are the IMAP/SMTP settings for Outlook-email?

Students can use these settings:

IMAP: Server name: outlook.office365.com | Port: 993 | Encryption method: SSL
SMTP: Server name: smtp.office365.com | Port: 587 | Encryption method: TLS

More help: Outlook help External link

Teachers can use "owa.arcada.fi" and the program should configure itself.

How do I move my old email from webmail.arcada.fi to Office365 (Outlook)?

Here External link.

How do I make my student email go to another address (gmail etc) ?

Go to Outlook settings and search for "forwarding".

I just graduated and now cannot access my email, what to do?

When you graduate your Arcada IT-account, including email address is deactivated. If you did not anticipate this, please contact E-mail: it-support@arcada.fi

I have my email still on old webmail.arcada.fi, what setings do I need on my phone?

We do not support webmail anymore. Instead migreate your email to office365 (Outlook) External link.

I cannot send a big file through email, what do I do?

Use Filesender or OneDrive for sending huge files.

I am a new student, but my Outlook is not receiving any email, what do I do?

Try migrating your email once to Outlook. Go to https://hr.arcada.fi/migrate/ External link . Contact the it-support if the problem persists.