Below you will find instructions of how to download all your email from Office 365 Outlook to your local computer.

Export all email to a .pst file:

  1. You need to buy Outlook (desktop version) for your computer.
    • NB. If you have installed Outlook on your computer via Arcada, it will also stop working when you leave Arcada.
  2. Add the Arcada account to your Outlook: File -> Add Account.
  3. Export your email from Office 365 as a .pst file. Instructions. External link

NB. also your contacts will be saved in the .pst file.

Read the email from the .pst file:

To read the emails saved in the pst-file, do either A or B:

A. If you sporadically need access to your old email, do:

File -> Open & Export -> Open Outlook Data File

B. If you have other email account in your Outlook (desktop version), it is possible to import the pst-file to one of these accounts. Choose:

File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export. Instructions. External link