How many credits do I have left?

You can easily see how many copies you have left by logging on to the copy machine.

The copy machine took my credits but did not print anything, what do I do?

The copy machines are owned by student organization ASK External link. Please contact them

The paper got stuck in the machine, what do I do?

Follow the instructions on the copy machine and try to remove the paper carefully. If the paper starts to break, it is best to contact the IT-support for additional help.

The quickest way to print your documents, is to walk to another printer.

The document I printed cannot be found on the copy machine, what do I do?

  1. Make sure you have choosen the right printer

  2. The copy machine might have lost the contact to the printing server, restart the copy machine. And then walk to another copy machine for better luck.

  3. Contact the IT-support