For transmitting the video signal from computer to projector, we have switched from VGA to HDMI/DP in all classrooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms at Arcada. HDMI and DP (Display Port) are the two standards available on all modern devices. You can recognize DP on one bevelled corner, whereas HDMI has two bevelled corners.

In order to guarantee that you can connect any unit to the projector or screen, all rooms are equipped with an HDMI cable with an attached HDMI/DP adapter. Should your private laptop not have HDMI or DP (applies e.g. for many Mac laptops), please bring along an adapter of your own.

Usually the image is automatically transmitted to projector/monitor as soon as you attach the cable. Should this not happen, you can hold the Windows key and press P(roject) to choose how you want the image to be transmitted; usually 'Duplicate' is a good choice, since it projects the image both to the projector/monitor and to your laptop.

Problems? Contact it-support at or in emergencies, call 0294 282 555 (8-16).