Are you experiencing anxiety, do you feel worried or depressed? Is it affecting your studies or everyday life negatively? Please don't hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.

Study psychologist

The study psychologist provides individual counseling and guidance for students who are experiencing problems with their studies. You can book an appointment if you need support related to e.g.

  • studies and motivation, stress and time management, difficulties with the thesis
  • depressed mood, anxiety and worry related to the studies
  • life situation or social relationships in general

You can make an appointment with the study psychologist when you want to discuss your situation and try to find new perspectives or tools in addressing the difficulties you are facing. During an academic year, you have the possibility to meet the study psychologist for approximately 1-5 times. The psychologist is a licensed health care professional, and the counseling is confidential. The service is free of charge.

If your problems are more extensive and do not limit to the studies, you may need more long-term support and treatment. In this case, you can contact the psychiatric nurse in Arcada or your health-care station. If you are unsure about what type of help you need, you can contact the study psychologist so that we can think about it together.