ASTA, ARBS and itslearning are essential tools for both students and staff. Check out more info in the left column.

At Arcada you find a lot of different web and mobile services for students and staff. The most common are ASTA (where you enroll to coruses), ARBS (where you find a schedule for your courses) and itslearning (where you find course materials and can communicate with others).

You find the services in by under Web and mobile services in the menu. There you can get more information about the services.

Below you can find support and tutorials about the services.


ARBS is used for finding course time tables, teacher time tables, available computer labs etc.

Course time tables on your phone

Office 365 and Onedrive

Students and personnel can use Office 365 online tools including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, Teams, and much more. With these, you can create and share documents, collaborate, and communicate with others.