Student Services

The Department of Student Services is located in C3 and consists of Student Affairs, Admissions Services, Student Exchange, the Study Counsellor/Special Education Teacher and the Study Psychologist.



Student Affairs (closed 28.6-4.8.2019)

Student Affairs consists of two Study Coordinators - Camilla Genberg and Yvonne Engblom. They can provide help on issues concerning:

In addition, the Kela Meal Subsidy Card and discount ticket applications for HSL, VR and Matkahuolto can be collected from Student Affairs. Please find them in C3 (to the left when you enter the block).

Questions regarding courses and curricula should be addressed to the own institution (amanuensis, degree programme director, teacher tutor etc.). Please note that questions regarding the student financial aid should be directed to KELA.

The Study Coordinators´ opening hours:

  • Monday: 10-12
  • Tuesday: 10-12
  • Wednesday: 10-12
  • Thursday: 10-12
  • Friday: No visiting hours

Outside our visiting hours, you are always welcome to call or email us at studentaffairs(at) 

Student Exchange

The Student Exchange is responsible for the student exchange at Arcada. More information about exchange studies can be found here

Study Counsellor/Special Education Teacher

The Study Counsellor and Special Education teacher offers various types of support to students throughout their studies.She gives the students tools to act in the learning environment, to plan their studies and manage their time. In addition, students are also welcome to contact the her with issues regarding learning disabilities. Please read more about the service here.  

Study Psychologist

The Study Psychologist provides individual counselling and guidance on issues related to e.g. study motivation, stress management, and study-related worries. The students are welcome to discuss their situation and try to find new perspectives in addressing the difficulties they are facing. Please read more about the service here.

Admissions Services

The Admissions Services are responsible of the joint application to Arcada. Please read more about the application and admission to Arcada here.

Contact information of Student Services:

Contact information and information on whom to contact in which matter is found below:

Camilla Genberg, MAEd.
Study Coordinator
Phone: 0207 699 672
E-mail: studentaffairs(a)
Registration, transfer of records, degree certificates, study certificates, transcripts, right to study, application for accreditation

Yvonne Engblom, M.Soc.Sc.
Study Coordinator
Phone 0207 699 442
E-mail: studentaffairs(a)
Registration, transfer of records, degree certificates, study certificates, transcripts, right to study, application for accreditation

Lilian Sjöberg, M.Soc.Sc.
Head of Student Affairs
Phone: 0207 699 671

Ulrika Svanbäck, MA
Admissions Adviser (English degree programmes)
Phone: 0207 699 676
E-mail: admissions(a)
Application and admission

Heidi Uuttana, M.Soc.Sc.
Admissions Adviser (Swedish degree programmes)
Phone: 0207 699 423
E-mail: antagningsservice(a)
Application and admission

Kátia Torres Airava, M.Soc.Sc.

Phone: 0207 699 468
E-mail: international(a)
Incoming student exchange, Moveon Coordinator

Christa Holm, M.Soc.Sc.

Phone: 0207 699 670
E-mail: international(a)
Outgoing student and staff exchange

Annika Keskinen, B. Soc.Sc.

Phone: 0207 699 673
E-mail: international(a)
Outgoing student exchange (administration and grants for outgoing exchange students)

Elina Mustasilta, MA (currently on maternity leave)
International Coordinator, Erasmus Specialist

Mia Ekström, M.Sc.Ed.
Study Counsellor and Special Education Teacher
Phone: 0207 699 517
E-mail: mia.ekstrom(a)
Study technics, motivation, guidance

Fanny Hedenborg, MA Psych
Study Psychologist
Phone: 050 448 9172
E-mail: fanny.hedenborg[a]
Stress management, depressed mood, anxiety and worries related to studies

Sandra Slotte, M.Sc.Ed.
International Student Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 0207 699 668
E-mail: sandra.slotte(a)

Annika Stadius, MNSc
Director of Student Services 
Phone: 0207 699 613
E-mail: annika.stadius(a)

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