Extended right to study

According to the Law on Polytechnics 24§, a student is to conclude their studies within a time period that is, at the most, one year longer than the time period prescribed for the degree programme.

Fortsatt studierätt

Enligt Yrkeshögskolelagen 24 § ska en student vid en yrkeshögskola slutföra sina studier inom en tid som är högst ett år längre än normstudietiden. 

The Academic Year

Here you will find all dates and other important information related to the current academic year (2020-2021).

The Academic year 2020-2021

The academic year starts officially on August 1st 2020 and ends on July 31st 2021.


Läsåret 2020-2021

Läsåret inleds officiellt 1.8.2020 och avslutas 31.7.2021.

Sustainability and Green Office

It has become more important for Arcada to think sustainably on a long term basis. As a part of our active work for sustainability we were granted the Green Office certification from WWF of Finland in 2011.