Change to the login subsystem for itslearning

After a small change to the login subsystem for itslearning, all users are encouraged to close and re-open their webbrowser before they try to login to itslearning again. 

The first time, users are also encouraged to login to itslearning directly via

This applies especially if the old browser session has been active for a longer period of time.

Empty your locker and return your key

Time to check your locker!

Please empty your lockers latest by 31 May 2019, as we are emptying part of the area for a different use it is important to empty the locker and remove your own lock.

If you have an old fixed lock, please return the key to the info desk.

In order to get the deposit back, please fill in your bank account number at AAS(Arcada Account Services):

The deposit will be paid into this account.

Skåptömning och returnering av nycklar 

Dags att kolla igenom ditt skåp!

Töm ditt skåp före den 31.5.2019, vi kommer att ta bort vissa rader, så det lönar sig att tömma och ta bort sitt lås.

Har du ett gammalt lås på skåpet returnera då nyckeln till Arcadas info.

För att få tillbaka nyckelpanten fyll i ditt bankkontonummer i AAS (Arcada Account Services):

Panten returneras till det angivna kontot.

The ESN (Erasmus Student Network) survey 2019 Questionnaire is online until 30th of April!

Are you currently on Erasmus+ exchange, another type of mobility period, former exchange-student or someone who regularly interacts with exchange-students? Share your perspective with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and help us see the impact of the Erasmus programe! Spend 15 minutes of your time to fill in the ESNsurvey at by 30th of April 2019.