The mobile application Tuudo has arrived to Arcada!

Would you like to have your study schedule in your phone and get updates about changes to the schedule in real-time? What if you could search and enroll to courses in the same application? You would probably also want information about the day's lunch menu at the same time, right? This is now reality for all Arcada students!

We are pleased to announce that Arcada has joined forces with Tuudo, a mobile application designed to make your everyday studies easier. Within Tuudo, you can e.g.:

Mobilapplikationen Tuudo har anlänt till Arcada!

Vad sägs om att ha ditt studieschema i din telefon, och att i realtid få veta om förändringar till schemat? Och hur låter det ifall du i samma app kunde söka och anmäla dig till kurser? Givetvis vill du säkert ha tillgång till dagens lunchmeny på samma gång, eller hur? Detta är nu verklighet för alla Arcadastudenter!

Arcada har tagit i bruk mobilapplikationen Tuudo, vars främsta syfte är att underlätta din studievardag. Med hjälp av Tuudo kan du bl.a.

Change to the login subsystem for itslearning

After a small change to the login subsystem for itslearning, all users are encouraged to close and re-open their webbrowser before they try to login to itslearning again. 

The first time, users are also encouraged to login to itslearning directly via

This applies especially if the old browser session has been active for a longer period of time.