FAQ accreditation

Here you can find some of the most common questions about accreditation and the application process.

Get to know the Arcada library staff!

BEATRICE WALLMAN, Library Assistant

I do customer service at the library information desk. I help you with borrowing and returning books as well as finding books on the library shelves. If you need a library card I also help you with that.


TOMAS RÖNN, System Designer

I’m responsible for the maintenance and development of the library IT systems at Arcada. Next year we’ll change our integrated library system to a new open source solution, which is an interesting challenge.


Quiet room in D4112

Did you know that Arcada has a quiet room in the D4-block? The room (D4112) is designed for you who wish to take a break during the day to collect your thoughts or pray. The door is not locked and you are welcome to use the room when it is empty. Wednesdays between 13 and 14 Arcada student priest Jessica Högnabba is available in the room, but all students of Arcada are welcome to use the room. 

Stilla rum i D4112

Visste du att Arcada har ett stilla rum i D4-blocket? Rummet (D4112) är till för dig som behöver ta en paus under dagen för att samla tankarna i stillhet. Dörren till rummet är olåst och rummet är fritt att använda när det är tomt.Onsdagar kl. 13-14 finns även möjlighet att samtala med studentpräst Jessica Högnabba i rummet, men alla studenter vid Arcada är välkomna att använda utrymmet.