Chargepoint for mobile phones in front of the library

Today we got a chargepoint to Arcada.

Here you can charge your mobile phone, the charging lockers can be locked with a pin code.

At the chargepoint you can easily charge your mobile phone with the most common cables for: USB, USB-C and iPhone Lightning.

It will take up to one hour to get the mobile fully charged.

If you have a problem or if you forgot your code, please contact the info desk or

Laddningsstation för mobiltelefoner finns framför bibban

Idag fick vi en laddningsstation för mobiltelefoner till Arcada.

Här kan du ladda din mobiltelefon, stationens fack kan låsas med koder.

I stationen laddar du snabbt och behändigt din mobil med de vanligaste ledningskablarna: USB, USB-C och iPhone Lightning.

Mobiltelefonen laddas full på dryg en timme.

Om det uppstår fel eller om du glömmer koden, kontakta Arcadas info eller

Reminder for students to request a review of their housing benefit for summer earnings

Earnings from a summer job can affect the amount of the general housing allowance. Students should request a review of their housing benefit as soon as they have a summer job lined up.

The general housing allowance is reviewed if the income of the recipient household increases by 400 euros or more or decreases by 200 euros or more from what it was at the time of the previous determination.