Test your entrepreneurial mind and broaden your horizon!

We are looking for driven and innovative students who want to make a change and contribute to development of a new entrepreneurial learning concept at Arcada. Do you want to be part of this inspiring team of talents? We search for 10-15 creative and ambitous students from different disciplines who together will develop a new type of learning environment. Every student will take part of a conceptualisation journey to Denmark where we visit partner universities and LEGO Creative Play Lab in Billund. This course takes part in periods 3 and 4 and is worth 5 ects.


My Future Work 2019

Are you a student looking for an interesting workplace for your practical training, a project for your bachelor’s thesis or maybe a job after you graduate?On Wednesday January 30th 10.00 -13.00 the Big Square in Arcada forms a platform where employers and alumni can form valuable contacts with our professionals to be. Take this opportunity to network, find new contacts and listen to interesting presentations throughout the day! Welcome!