HDMI in all rooms

For transmitting the video signal from computer to projector, we have switched from VGA to HDMI/DP in all classrooms, auditoriums and meeting rooms at Arcada. HDMI and DP (Display Port) are the two standards available on all modern devices.

Help the restaurant Arcada to reduce food waste!

Between Mondays and Thursdays at 2.15pm-2.30pm you have the possibility to buy ‘lunch of the day’ as take away, 750g box costs 3€.

Please bring your own box to save the nature at the same time.


New layout on Arcada login page


ADFS-inloggningen - dvs. den ena av våra två single-sign-on-inloggningar - har fått en vackrare layout med en nyckelknippa på vänster halva. Om du dessutom ser https.... och ett stängt lås i adressfältet så är du på rätt ställe! The ADFS login - one of our two single-sign-on login pages - has been updated with a new, beautiful layout with a bunch of keys on the left pane. Provided that you also see https.... and a closed lock in the address field, you've come to the right place.