The winner of the design competition is...

The library card design competition finally has its winner. Both students and staff at Arcada have voted for their favourite contribution to win.

Among a total of 177 votes the winning design got 56 votes. The designer behind the card is the first year online media student Maria Bussman.

Congratulations to Maria and a warm THANK YOU to all who participated in the competition!

Positive Attitude Development –slutseminarium 10.1.2017

Välkommen på Positive Attitude Development –seminariet. 

Tid: Tisdag 10.1.2017 kl. 12.30 - 15.30

Plats: Arcada, Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 1, 00560 Helsingfors

Vid PAD-projektets slutseminariet talar: Camilla Wikström-Grotell, Kristian Wahlbeck, Zsolt Bugarszki, Jukka Piippo, Pad-projektets deltagare och erfarenhetsexperter.

Tilläggsinformation om seminariet:

Information om PAD-projektet: