Remember to participate in the Eurostudent survey

Eurostudent is a student survey that explores the living conditions, studying, mobility, social background and livelihood of students in higher education.

A randomly representative sample of Finnish higher education students has been drawn from the database of students in higher education. For the survey results to give a correct picture of students' situation, it is important that all 24,000 students drawn to the sample reply to the inquiry.

New copying machines and prices

The copying machines in Arcada have been renewed in March. Please read the instructions for the new machines.

When printing, you have to choose Follow-Me instead of Follow-you as before. The new printers are activated with Arcada’s flex key. Show the key to the reader and log in using your Arcada username and password.

In the Library you will be able to print both A4 and A3 sizes in black and white and color. In D3, E3 and F3 you can print A4 printouts in bland and white and color. You can copy and scan on all machines.

Kom och fira jämställdhetsdagen med Arcada!

Kom och fira jämställdhetsdagen med Arcada!

Vi bjuder ett mångsidigt och intressant program på Stora Torget, måndagen den 21.3 kl. 12.30-15.00. Ta med dig ett öppet sinne och din fellow Arcada-studerande!