Degree requirements

Degree requirements for Master's degree in business administration with awarded qualification Master of Business Administration, Tradenom (högre YH), (90 ECTS)

Do not share materials illegally!

Arcada has been notified that illegal sharing of digital materials has been detected coming from Arcada's computer network. In practice, films are being shared e.g. using Bittorrent.

Distributing copyrighted material is prohibited in law. If the owner of the copyrights turn to the police authority of Finland with an investigation request, Arcada's IT unit  will  provide assistance to the police by identifying the users practicing illegal activity.

Claim for compensation may be a significant amount when the case will be put on trial!

Welcome to the graduation ceremony!

The graduation ceremony for graduated during spring 2017 is held on Wednesday June 14th at 13.00 on the big square at Arcada UAS.

All graduates are welcomed to the stage to receive an alumni diploma and congratulations by the Rector and the Head of department. After the ceremony all graduates, staff and guests join in a toast for our newest alumni.The registration for graduates is now open! R.S.V.P to the graduation ceremony by Tuesday 6th of June. You’ll receive more information closer to the ceremony.