Structure of studies

The studies comprise 90 credits (ects) and are conducted over a period of 2-3 years part-time.

Summertime in the library

The library is closed from June 24th to July 31st 2016

From August 1st to August 26th the library is open: Monday - Thursday 9-17, Friday 9-16

Summer loans from June 6th to August 31st 2016

Have a nice summer!

Arcada to introduce tuition fees autumn 2017 for new non-EU students

Starting in 2017 the universities of applied sciences in Finland are required to collect a tuition fee for studies carried out in other languages than Swedish or Finnish. The fee applies to applicants from countries outside the European Union. The tuition fee does not apply to persons who are citizens of countries in the EEA or persons who are treated as EU citizens by agreement by the EU and the country of which the person is a citizen, or the family members of such persons. The tuition fee is also not applicable to persons who have:

Opening hours of Arcada and the Information desk during the summer

Between the 27th of June and the 12th of August the Information desk is open Monday-Friday between 9:00 and 15:00.

The main entrance doors are closed from the 23rd of June to the 12th of August. It is still possible to open the doors with your own electronic key between 7:00 and 22:00 (weekdays).

Contact information and further instructions are provided at the main entrance.

If you have questions regarding Arcada’s opening hours – please contact the Information desk!