Have you moved? Remember to update your contact information!

It is important that your contact information in ASTA is up to date. You can change your contact information here or by going to Start à My studies à Change your contact information.

If you have changed your name you must contact Student Affairs and present an official document that proves the change, e.g. a new driving license, passport or a certificate from the local registration office (maistraatti).

Arcadas restaurang julstängt

Arcadas restaurang är stängd fr.o.m. 21.12.2017-7.1.2018. Öppethållningstiderna hittar ni utanför restaurangen.

God Jul och Gott Nytt År 2018!

Enrollment to the Graduation Ceremony 19.1 is open

The enrollment to Arcadas UAS Graduation Ceremony for students who have graduated during fall/winter 2017 is now open. The Graduation Ceremony is held at Arcada UAS Friday January 19th. Last day to enroll is Wednesday 10th of January 4 p.m.No degree cerificates are handed out during the graduation ceremony, but all graduates are given roses, an alumni diploma and are personally congratualated by the President and your Head of department. After the ceremony all graduates, guests and staff join in a toast for our newest alumni.