Have you moved? Remember to update your contact information!

It is important that your contact information in ASTA is up to date. You can change your contact information here or by going to Start à My studies à Change your contact information.

If you have changed your name you must contact Student Affairs and present an official document that proves the change, e.g. a new driving license, passport or a certificate from the local registration office (maistraatti).

Application for the Right to Complete Studies

If you are not able to complete your studies within the maximum period of study (norm + 1 year) you can submit an application for the right to complete your studies on the 20th of November at the latest. The application for the right to complete studies has to contain an individual study plan approved and signed by the degree programme director/amanuensis. All the remaining courses and other study attainments have to be included in the study plan. A complete application should be submitted to Student Affairs in C3.