Application to Arcada's bachelor's degree programmes in English is open!

Are any of your friends, relatives or other acquaintances looking for a place to study? The application period to Arcada’s bachelor’s degree programmes in English has now begun, and will remain open until 1.2.2018 at 3 pm. Be sure to remind your friends that now is the time to apply to Finland's best university of applied sciences! 

We offer these three bachelor’s degree programmes in English:

Application to #IntelligenceHunt3 open until 25.2.2018!

Last year, a few Arcada students from the degree programmes in Materials Processing Technology and International Business participated in the Intelligence Hunt project organised by SeaFocus. Now the cooperation between Arcada and SeaFocus has taken a step further as Arcada has become an official Academic Partner of SeaFocus. The aim of this partnership is to help develop the Intelligence Hunt concept further with SeaFocus and to find the best resources for the participating companies by spreading information about the project to the students.

Ännu hinner du ansöka till #IntelligenceHunt3!

Ifjol deltog några studenter från Arcadas utbildningsprogram i Materials Processing Technology och International Business i tävlingen Intelligence Hunt som ordnades av SeaFocus. Nu ska samarbetet breddas och fördjupas i och med att Arcada är en av SeaFocus akademiska partner.