The study psychologist has her reception in Kruununhaka during September

Study psychologist Fanny Hedenborg temporarily has her reception in Kruununhaka during September. The reason is maintenance work in the regular reception room in C3 at Arcada.

The temporary reception is in Athena, University of Helsinki, Siltavuorenpenger 3 A, Helsinki. The room is on the third floor and you can wait outside rooms 342-344. The study psychologist should be back at Arcada September 30th.

Studiepsykologen har mottagning i Kronohagen under september

Studiepsykolog Fanny Hedenborg har tillfälligt sin mottagning i Kronohagen under september. Orsaken är underhållsarbete i det vanliga mottagningsrummet i C3 på Arcada.

Den temporära mottagningen finns på Athena, Helsingfors Universitet, Brobergsterrassen 3 A, Helsingfors. Mottagningsrummet finns på tredje våningen och man kan vänta utanför rum 342-344. 

Studiepsykologen borde vara tillbaka på Arcada den 30.9. Vi uppdaterar om eventuella förändringar.

Apply to the #IntelligenceHunt6 project - registration closes 20.9

Intelligence Hunt is a company and student competition where you can challenge yourself and find new international friends! The Intelligence Hunt #6 registration is open September 1-20, 2019. 

Intelligence Hunt brings both the maritime supply chain related business and students with different backgrounds, the industry’s potential future workforce, together.

New Start 101 - for Those Who Loved the Old One

If the new Start feels like a jungle - read this! We have collected feedback and based on that we have put together some tips and tricks for getting started.

All the same information is still there, but the navigation is now built on the structure of your studies. All that is directly study-related is found under the heading My studies. Everything else that is useful and  support your studies, but not directly about them, you find under the other headings.