Processes regarding security and safety

At Arcada we continuously work to ensure a safe and secure study and work environment. By familiarising yourself with Arcada’s safety procedures you can personally support a safe environment. It is also important that you report different incidents using the reporting tool Incy (log in using your Arcada-ID). Incidents can include anything from suspected harassment to security concerns in the building.

Processer för behandling av säkerhetsanmälningar förnyas

På Arcada jobbar vi kontinuerligt för att garantera en säker studie- och arbetsmiljö. Genom att försäkra dig om att du vet hur du ska agera i olika situationer stöder du detta arbete. Det är också viktigt att du med låg tröskel rapporterar olika incidenter eller så kallade nära ögat-situationer om du upptäcker sådana i din omgivning. Det gör du via rapporteringsverktyget Incy (du kan logga in med ditt vanliga Arcada-id).

Application period for Arcada’s Degree Programmes in English is from the 2nd of December 2019 to the 13th of March 2020

The application period for Arcada’s bachelor’s and master's degree programmes in English has now begun, and will remain open until 13 March 2020 (3pm Finnish time).

Feel free to spread this information in your networks, for example by sharing this news link.

This application round it is possible to apply to two of our three Bachelor’s degree programmes in English: 

Arcada's new shop is launched

Finally, we are able to offer a larger product range in our new Arcada shop.

Next to our info on C2 we have a small selection of some of the products, please check them out. More products are found in the shop and more will be added later on.

Everything is delivered to the address you decide and everything can be ordered online.

Feel free to send product suggestions and feedback to On other matters, please contact Innoflame directly.