Professor Marty Ludlum visited Arcada

During week 7 Arcada Business School has had the pleasure of having Professor Marty Ludlum from University of Central Oklahoma, USA visiting. Professor Ludlum has had lectures in Arcada 360, Intercultural business, Strategic Marketing and Marketing Research and Analysis.

The lectures have been very interesting and professor Ludlum has been able to give an American view on the topics, for example an interesting case study on Starbucks. We want to thank professor Ludlum for visiting us for the third time and hope to see him soon again.

Change in program at My Future Work

A last minute change in the program for My Future Work tomorrow. Unfortunately Timo Ahopelto has been prevented from coming to Arcada. In stead we have the pleasure to hear Kristian Ranta, a startup entrepreneur with passion for health and welfare. We hope you've booked My Future Work in your calender, and we'll be seeing you tomorrow. Don't miss this opportunity. More about Kristian Ranta:

My Entrepreneurial Journey, E143 -  Kristian Ranta, Meru Health 

Ändring i programmet på My Future Work 2017

I sista stund har det blivit en förändring i programmet. Tyvärr har Timo Ahopelto fått förhinder. I stället har vi glädjen att få höra Kristian Ranta, även han startup entreprenör med passion för hälsa och välfärd. Hoppas att du tar tillfället i akt och diskuterar med de arbetslivsrepresentanter vi har på Arcada imorgon under My Future Work. Läs mer om Kristian Ranta:  

My Entrepreneurial Journey, E143 -  Kristian Ranta, Meru Health