Please, take the survey and influence our library services!

By answering the questionnaire you can also take part in the prize draw for an iPad and other prizes. Arcada’s students and staff  can also win a gift voucher for the Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen kirjakauppa)The national user survey is carried out 6.4. – 12.5.2017 in all universities of applied sciences in the whole country.


The results of the survey will help your library in evaluating anddeveloping the library services. Your opinion is important to the library!

To take the survey, please click the link below

Bok Bytar Bord - Book Outlet

Vårstäda din bokhylla hemma (och kanske fyll den igen med nya böcker...)!

Från måndag den 13 maj, kan du ta med överflödiga böcker till ett bokbytesbord utanför bibliotekets tidningstorg.Du kan ge böckerna ett nytt liv och andra kan få nytta, glädje och nöje av dem!

* * * * * * * * *Spring clean your bookshelf at home (and fill it perhaps with new books)!

Exceptions to the opening hours

On Monday April 30th the library will close at 4 pm

Closed on May 1st 2018       


On Wednesday May 9th the library will close at 4 pm

Closed on Ascension Day, May 10th 2018       

On Friday May 11th the library is open from 9 am to 4 pm