Library services in August

The library is open for students when the campus is open (Mon-Fri 8-16). During these hours it is possible to use the library space and borrow or return books through the machines for lending and returning. In August the library customer service is available Mon-Fri 10-15. You can then get help with finding material or learn how to use the library's e-resources. You can also contact us by e-mail, phone 0294 282 690 or via Twitter: @ArcadaLibrary.

Please, take the survey and influence our library services!

By answering the questionnaire you can also take part in the prize draw for an iPad and other prizes. Arcada’s students and staff  can also win a gift voucher for the Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen kirjakauppa)The national user survey is carried out 6.4. – 12.5.2017 in all universities of applied sciences in the whole country.


The results of the survey will help your library in evaluating anddeveloping the library services. Your opinion is important to the library!

To take the survey, please click the link below

Massagemottagning / Welcome to massage

Fysioterapistudenternas massagemottagning

på onsdagen 26.4. , torsdagen 4.5.2016 och tisdagen 9.5. 2017

Boka din tid/dina tider på listan i INFON.

Massagen kostar 5€ / 30 min och betalas på plats. Kom lite före utsatt tid till rum D 281 (plintklass) bredvid gymnastiksalen. Ta med dig egen handduk.


Physiotherapy Student massage receptiontake place on 26.4., 4.5., and 9.5.2017Book your time / your times listed in the INFO.