Students – apply now for student financial aid for the summer months!

Students who will be studying in the summer should apply for financial aid now, so that the applications can be processed and decided on before the summer studies start. Apply for student financial aid for the summer months online.

Students can get financial aid in the summer, provided that they will be studying during the summer months. Financial aid is granted for example for lecture courses, set book exams, on-the-job-training or for working on your final project or thesis.

Please, take the survey and influence our library services!

By answering the questionnaire you can also take part in the prize draw for an iPad and other prizes. Arcada’s students and staff  can also win a gift voucher for the Academic Bookstore (Akateeminen kirjakauppa)The national user survey is carried out 6.4. – 12.5.2017 in all universities of applied sciences in the whole country.


The results of the survey will help your library in evaluating anddeveloping the library services. Your opinion is important to the library!

To take the survey, please click the link below

Application for Extended Right to Study from 5th to 25th April 2017

If you are not able to complete your studies within the maximum period of study (norm + 1 year) you can submit an application for extended right to study during the period 5–25 April 2017 to Student Affairs in C3. This information only concerns those students whose study right will end on the 31st of July 2017 or earlier. If you are not sure about your study right please be in contact with Study Advisor Camilla Genberg.