Reminder for students to request a review of their housing benefit for summer earnings

Earnings from a summer job can affect the amount of the general housing allowance. Students should request a review of their housing benefit as soon as they have a summer job lined up.

The general housing allowance is reviewed if the income of the recipient household increases by 400 euros or more or decreases by 200 euros or more from what it was at the time of the previous determination.

Remember to participate in the Eurostudent survey

Eurostudent is a student survey that explores the living conditions, studying, mobility, social background and livelihood of students in higher education.

A randomly representative sample of Finnish higher education students has been drawn from the database of students in higher education. For the survey results to give a correct picture of students' situation, it is important that all 24,000 students drawn to the sample reply to the inquiry.

Application for accreditation

The application for accreditation or validation (form 6) is available only on It cannot be found as a hard copy at Student Services in C3. By choosing My studies - All forms and certificates - 6 Application for accreditation or validation you are able to access the application.