Arcada goes Digital – the survey is open!

Does IT support your learning? 

Digitalization is part of Arcada’s strategy, but there are still lots of questions around digitalization. In order to get more information about what our teachers and students expect from digitalization, Arcada is participating in the global ECAR Survey.

Information collected through this survey will provide us a picture of the local expectations and prerequisites, but also provide the possibility to compare Arcada on a national and a global level.

Arcada self service portal (AAS) regarding accounts and keys updated 1.4.2018

The 1st April 2018 Arcada updated the self service portal  AAS (Arcada Account Services). Log in to manage different aspects of your account here:

Through this service you can pay the deposit for your electronic flex key. All keys registered to you and their respective deposit amount are also listed here. To get a new key, first top up your account up to the required deposit amount for the key and then pick it up at the Arcada information desk.

Our IT support is developing

In order to develop our IT support and improve how support cases are managed and followed up, the IT unit will pilot test a ticketing system called osticket during January-February.

As a user, you will continue sending your requests to The new thing is that the replies you will get will contain a code in the header, e.g. [#123456]. By managing your request in osTicket we can handle cases more efficiently, and osTicket will prevent loosing the thread even if your request is managed by different support persons.

New layout on Arcada login page


ADFS-inloggningen - dvs. den ena av våra två single-sign-on-inloggningar - har fått en vackrare layout med en nyckelknippa på vänster halva. Om du dessutom ser https.... och ett stängt lås i adressfältet så är du på rätt ställe! The ADFS login - one of our two single-sign-on login pages - has been updated with a new, beautiful layout with a bunch of keys on the left pane. Provided that you also see https.... and a closed lock in the address field, you've come to the right place.