Help the restaurant Arcada to reduce food waste!

Between Mondays and Thursdays at 2.15pm-2.30pm you have the possibility to buy ‘lunch of the day’ as take away, 750g box costs 3€.

Please bring your own box to save the nature at the same time.


Green Office Consumer Habit result and other tips

We have received the result for WWF’s Green Office Consumer Habit Questionnaire. In March 90 persons answered WWF’s Consumer Habit Questionnaire. This year we had an even better result than last year. This year both students and our staff had the possibility to answer and analyse their consumer habits.

Green Office konsumtionsbarometarens resultat och andra tips

WWFs konsumtionsbarometarens svarsprocent och resultat har kommit. I mars svarade 90 personer på WWF:s konsumtionsbarometare. Svarsprocenten var bättre än förra året, och nytt för i år var att både studenter och personal fick svara på enkäten och fundera på hur man kan förebygga ett hållbarare konsumentbeteende.

Visit one of Finland’s biggest Reuse Centre in Nihtisilta 18.4 at 9.30-11

During our visit (mostly in Finnish) we’ll have a chance to see different workshops. For example old bikes, furniture or electronical equipment are fixed, get new shapes or usage.

The Reuse Centre transforms over 4 million old products into new products. Over 50 million kg natural resources are saved every year.

Read more about the Reuse Centre 

Please sign up for the visit here (Max participants 15 persons)