Food wasted campaign 10.-16.9.2018

We are reminding you about the huge amount of food beeing thrown away. Please read more here (in Finnish)

Reducing food wastage would ease the burden on resources as the world attempts to meet future demand.


Svinnkampanj 10.-16.9.2018

Spillveckan pågår som bäst och kampanjen uppmanar alla att ta en extra funderare kring matsvinnet. 

Här finns mera information (på finska) om matsvinnet.


New furniture in our common spaces

This week the Arcada building will be furnished with new sofas and chairs. The furniture will mainly be placed in our common spaces: main entrance, staff entrance and the spaces outside the blocks on the third floor. Also Arcada Oasis in C3 will get a facelift. - The orange and green sofas and chairs are from Accenture in Ruoholahti. I saw an ad in an flee market group on Facebook stating that Accenture wishes to donate furniture to schools and wrote a comment that we at Arcada are interested, says Maria von BH, eventmanager at Arcada.